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 Ali dehghani sheeva (Left) 
Jeff Monsen UFC Fighter (Right)
Professional MMA 
iranian UFC part 11 at 2013/09/13
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Result of iranian UFC 7 ,Vale tudo2

Iranian UFC part 7 (3 November 2008 )

showing at 7 November 2008
Ahmad poor safarei (Winer)       Vs        Akbar namvar(loser)
Hidar namvar           (Winner)      Vs        Ali ghodarzi (loser)
Mahmood Bayat (Winner)           Vs         Vahid Bayyazi nezad (loser)
Behrooz Bayyat (Winner)             Vs         Zanyar shahri(loser)
Vale tudo part 2

Tomaj Abdolsamadei  (Winner)    Vs   Mehdei poor eghbali(loser)

As soon i put Full Photo and Video


iranian Ultimate Fighting Championship

Part 7 

after 2 Years

3November 2008

Iran country

Hamedan city


UFC wiegh   - 70    -77   -84   -93   -120

Result and photo of iranian Ultimate fighting championship part 7

at 3 November 2008

1_ Ahmad poor safrei  Vs Akbar namvar

akbar Vs ahmad ufc iran 2008

2_ Ali Ghodarzei Vs Hidar  Namvar

3_ Mahmood Bayyat vs vahid Bayyazei nezad

4_ behrooz bayyat vs Zanyar shahrei


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